Review: Ariel Levy’s “Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture”

ariel levy female chauvinist pigsLawksamighty, another book which tells me the world is nastier than I’d imagined. Levy analyses women’s participation in highly sexualised modern culture as consumers, purveyors and designers of Raunch Culture – aka women acting like porn stars all the time is the coolest, dude. With chapters on mainstream US trends in public sluttishness, dyke misogyny, teen sex anxieties and TV consumer-sex in various forms, it’s classic New Yorker writing and research on a hideously demoralising topic. Ewk. And ewk again. I have nothing intelligent to say except that I wish none of it were true yet I fear that all of it is: skankfest is the new black. Good on Levy for writing the book, this analysis needed to be done.

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Evening reads
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Best line of the book: “Hotness doesn’t just yield approval. Proof that a woman actively seeks approval is a crucial criterion for hotness in the first place.” (p.31)
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Dummy category – those who’ll read it aren’t the ones who’ll need it
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