Review: Lauren Groff’s “Arcadia”

by writereaderly

lauren groff arcadiaIn which we follow the fate of Bit, first-born on the back-to-the-land community of Arcadia, through the community’s rise, downfall and afterlife. Transcendent. Has hit me too hard to say anymore.

Where it came from: Library
Time and manner of reading:
A few too-tempting samples, then an evening bath-and-bed mission
Where it went: Home, but I need to get myself a copy
Best line of the book: “It seems a give-and-take, you know? Freedom or community, community or freedom. One must decide the way one wants to live. I chose community.” (p.268)
Reminds me of/that: The farm
Who I’d recommend it to:
Also reading: Being Alive edited by Neil Astley; Returning the Gift edited by Joseph Bruchac; The Pea-Pickers by Eve Langley; When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön