Review: Patrícia Melo’s “In Praise of Lies”

by writereaderly

patricia melo in praise of lies

WARNING: Cover dysphoria!

This book was crap. Another in yesterday’s foreign authors acquisition, I was looking for a bit of witty crime fluff, plus it had an awesome cover (mine was a review copy; image couldn’t be found online so you could also share the pleasure, sorry). None of the good traits above. Uninteresting crimes with snakes and guns, badly written, intolerably idiot characters, jumbled in some sort of guru-writer plot. I only finished it because I hoped it may eventually make sense, and that perhaps it was in Brazilian cultural style that I may slowly come to understand. Nope. It was a crap book. The End.

Where it came from: Huge opshop with great book section
Time and manner of reading:
Bed and armchair reads
Where it went: Home
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