Review: Grace Paley’s “The Little Disturbances of Man: Stories of Men and Women at Love”

by writereaderly

grace paley the little disturbances of manBought with treat money, and because she’s so highly beloved of the New Yorker set, I thought Paley would be good for my breadth of reading experience. Paley wrote only short stories, and this was her first published book in the late 1940s: tight, wry, smart-arsey snapshots of relationships. Much more enjoyable to me than most short stories I read, which I find tend to being perfect literary artifacts rather than powerful pieces of art; I think it was Paley’s distinctive, witty, curious voice that did it. Recommended.

Where it came from: Current favourite secondhand bookshop
Time and manner of reading:
Armchair and bed reads
Where it went: SJD
Best line of the book: There’s many, but I’ll pick: “Then easy and impervious, in full control, he cartwheeled eastward into the source of the night.” (p.52)
Reminds me of/that:
Who I’d recommend it to:
Short story fans
Also reading: Being Alive edited by Neil Astley; Returning the Gift edited by Joseph Bruchac; The Pea-Pickers by Eve Langley; Collapse by Jared Diamond