Review: Kirsty Gunn’s “Featherstone”

by writereaderly

kirsty gunn featherstoneFor the last 90pp or so, I had an increasingly dubious/concerned/horrified look on my face as it became apparent that the violent rape of a teenage girl by a man known to her (no apologies for spoiler alert) was being used as an event catalysing faith, love, redemption, hope, and all things nice for the whole damned town. Sure, Gunn’s writing was gorgeous, dreamlike, rich, descriptive – I loved her writing – but what the hell was this?! It’s just not okay, and I wish (among other things) I hadn’t started my day with this.

Where it came from: Local opshop
Time and manner of reading:
Bed and bath reads
Where it went: Under internal discussion — result: into the recycling, the modern version of bookburning
Best line of the book: All richly, wonderfully written
Reminds me of/that: Dylan Thomas’s Under Milkwood
Who I’d recommend it to:

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