Review: John Berendt’s “The City of Falling Angels”

by writereaderly

john berendt city of fallen angelsI adored Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – such luscious, decadent writing, as jungly as the title garden – and grabbed this as soon as I saw his name. Initially I was equally taken by his limpid writing, but then I got slightly bored of the longitudinal study of Venice scandals (the burning of the Fenice in 1996, the fate of the Venice Guggenheim, the fate of Ezra Pound’s priceless papers). I enjoyed that the book was lived in Venice, and that the interviewees were winsome characters; I appreciated the research, and I still like the writing. I just got a bit over the infinite amount of detail of humans being squalid to each other. Gorgeous cover, though

Where it came from: Opshop
Time and manner of reading:
A couple of days of armchair and bed reads
Where it went: Home
Best line of the book:
Reminds me of/that:
Who I’d recommend it to:
Scandalmongers, particularly literary ones
Also reading: Being Alive edited by Neil Astley; Life on Earth by David Attenborough; City of God  by E.L. Doctorow