Review: Elizabeth Ridley’s “The Remarkable Journey of Miss Tranby Quirke”

by writereaderly

elizabeth ridley  remarkable journey of miss tranby quirkeI nearly *didn’t* buy this because it looked like a piece of period lezzie fluff (and surely my mind deserves better than that?!), so when I brought myself to read it* I was initially enthusiastic, then started sighing/snorting out loud as it just got a wee bit silly. So the ladies got it on. But then of course Tranby’s lover’s husband killed his wife. And it’s not likely that middle-class bluestockings, no matter if they are suffragettes, would know and openly use the then-novel terminology “invert” and “lesbian” – this was set nearly 20 years before The Well of Loneliness, and von Krafft-Ebbing’s landmark study had only been published three years before. *And* the 19y.o. wifey came out of the closet as if it were an American boarding school romance from the 1980s, not an improbable novel set 70 years earlier. Anyway. Enough ranting. Read it if you need suffragette lezzie foof, cos that’s exactly what you’re gonna get.

*Let’s note that my high horse only took ten days to sink back to ground level.

And PS I don’t reckon the writer is of the sisterhood, and she only fakes it so-so. Although, there is no Wikipedia page for her, so either she’s not as famous as she likes to make out on her own website, or it’s been deleted …? Could Ridley be hiding something …? I love a good identity conspiracy theory, for about three seconds until it bores me.

Where it came from: Market bookstall
Time and manner of reading:
An evening’s armchair read
Where it went: Home
Best line of the book:
Reminds me of/that: If it looks like a fish, and smells like a fish…
Who I’d recommend it to:
Lint hunters
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