Review: John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

by writereaderly

john perkins confessions economic hit manJohn Perkins was explicitly trained to act as an economic hit man, whose role was to work for major multinational consultancy firms on behalf of the US government. His task: to publish bolstered and falsified economic predictions that would “convince” the governments of underdeveloped nations to accept enormous World Bank and International Monetary Fund loans for engineering and construction projects, in full knowledge that the claims were false, the loans too big, and the country would be unable to repay – thus putting them right into the US government’s pocket. Ta-da. This memoir tells of his decade or two of shame, spiced up by the odd interlude with a gorgeous woman. It’s not fabulously written, and the last chapters are utterly skimmable (Woe is me! To write the book? To not write? I’ll do it, I’m doing it for The Future of The World!), but it was quite absorbing all up and it’s always nice to have validation of a good conspiracy theory. Recommended and significant.

PS Ah, but his Colombia chapter was very weak: since when is Colombia a “democracy” rather than a US-funded narco-paramilitary state?

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