Review: Stella Duffy’s “Wavewalker”

by writereaderly

stella duffy wavewalkerI selected this from the bookshop because I’d so enjoyed her contribution in a recently read anthology. Unfortunately, this was a disappointment. Absorbing enough, I suppose, but for a detective thriller type thing, the sassy London PI was pretty damned stupid (and primarily focussed on shagging her hot Bengali gf); the pretext of the “mysterious” wavewalker of the title was over-announced and underwhelming; and the crime business itself was a bit sneh. Underecommended.

Where it came from: UPB
Time and manner of reading:
An evening of armchair, rushing to get it done and dusted, hoping that it would end up better than it foretold (it didn’t)
Where it went: TF
Best line of the book: “… leaving Saz wishing that she’d been asked to investigate dodgy landlords, timeshare dealers, even a good traditional case of adultery. / ‘Anything rather than these bloody see-through-my-lies-new-age self fucking actualizers!’”
Reminds me of/that: Genre fiction has to be *really* good to even bother
Who I’d recommend it to:

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