Review: Hannah Kent’s “Burial Rites”

by writereaderly

hannah kent burial ritesThis novel has the hallmarks of a successful publishing event. Kent is a young woman author (28; they made sure they included a photo of her with hipster glasses on). Her subject matter is both titillating (man-killing murderess awaiting execution) and emotive (but did she really do it?). It’s in an exotic location (Iceland) and has inconvenient accents on most proper nouns. It’s competently written (pure writing-school style, the odd dark but charming image). And I got bored and gave up a little over half way through, despite the hype and strong recommendations from friends. I didn’t care whether Agnes was good or evil, and whose lies led to her death. Nothing else to add.

Where it came from: Library
Time and manner of reading:
Bed and armchair reads, fruitlessly awaiting the piquing of my interest
Where it went: Home
Best line of the book:
Who I’d recommend it to:

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