Review: Katherine V. Forrest’s “Curious Wine”

by writereaderly

katherine v. forrest curious wineI picked this one up after I saw various copies on the bookshop shelf, one of which said that it had gone into seven reprints. Plus it was Naiad Press, and I have a soft spot for their lesbo femo publishing. It’s a novel of a first encounter between two women, Lane and Diana, on their lakeside holiday with friends. Bless the late ’70s that the flirtation begins amid “encounter games” (aka trust falls, truth telling to strangers, and other horrifying ideas) the group play to bond and entertain themselves. And that they keep admiring each other’s corduroy and silk attire. I enjoyed the cultural retrospective and the happy lezzie outcome. Quite a good read, recommended. (Actually, it’s really intense to have the heroine raped so she’s sure she really wants the hot woman by comparison, so I’ll recommend it with reservations.)

Where it came from: The Women’s Library bookshop, Newtown
Time and manner of reading:
Bed, wait and train reads
Where it went: Not sure yet — maybe some classic lesbian friend would like some classic lesbian fiction
Best line of the book: “Nothing interesting can possibly happen in a cabin full of women.” p.12
Who I’d recommend it to: Seekers of retro lesbo charm
Also reading: Being Alive edited by Neil Astley; The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper; Belonging by bell hooks; Simone Weil by Francine du Plessix Gray