Review: Therese Bohman’s “Drowned”

by writereaderly

therese bohman drownedThe plot came as no surprise so I feel no qualms about giving it away: younger sister Marina has affair with older sister Stella’s older husband Gabriel, discovers he is violent, abusive, possibly a serial killer, definitely drowned the older sis. But what a hot meanie he is! And what a fascinating obsession he has with Ophelia and drowned Pre-Raphaelite beauties! RANT ALERT: How can the author put her efforts into creating a seductive killer, who the younger sister is too thick to condemn or escape before it’s possibly too late? How can reviewers be so enamoured of a “gorgeous gripping read…thick with erotic tension” [Emily Maguire], which is about domestic violence? Deserves to not be read, disrecommended.

Where it came from: Random library grab
Time and manner of reading:
Evening in the armchair
Where it went: Home
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