Review: Alex Miller’s “Lovesong”

by writereaderly

alex miller lovesongAJ was reading a new one of Miller’s, recommended this one with reservations, said it might not be my cup of tea. She was right. Sappy Australian nice-guy John Patterner  (ventriloquised in a silly framing story) recounts his romance with womb-hungry Tunisian woman Sabiha, set in Paris in the 1990s (?). It was highly llevadero (carrying-along), i.e. very fluid and easy to read, but really – to what end? No great conflicts, no fascinating characters, no fabulous information. Uninteresting, and abandoned at p140 odd, which – (RANT ALERT!) had the publisher not been so sly with large fonts, fat margins, and excessive leading, in order to make a fatter book and boost the selling price– ought to have been p80. Still too many pages.

***A version of this review appeared in the Terania Times***

Where it came from: AJ’s Bookshelf
Time and manner of reading:
Evening snippet and frustrated morning lie-in
Where it went: Home
Reminds me of/that: The old chestnut re prizewinners failing as recommendations
Who I’d recommend it to: I’d not
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