Review: Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five”

by writereaderly

kurt vonnegut slaughterhouse-fiveI blithely marked this off KAM’s list years ago, but having just (re?)read it I think I must have been a) asleep or b) in someone else’s body while this book was being read. A sharp, clever and terrible account of the dog-days of WWII, particularly the fire-bombing of Dresden, Vonnegut flings his hero Billy Pilgrim into time travel, zoos on other planets, and prisoner-of-war camps in doomed German cities. Compassionate and grounded, I can highly recommend it. Enjoy.

Where it came from: MM’s Bookshelf
Time and manner of reading:
Padding reads around dinner this evening
Where it went: Home
Reminds me of/that:
Who I’d recommend it to: Readers seeking a witty, savvy classic
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