Review: GriffithREVIEW35 “Surviving”

by writereaderly

griffith review survivingThis was originally a gratitude buy: I’d submitted writing to GR and they’d been encouraging. I grabbed it for city-trip reading because I knew there’d be a variety of essay, memoir, stories and poetry, but poct-lectorally I suspect that the designation “literary journal” is not quite apt for this collection of political analysis and investigative journalism, with the rare fiction/poetry titbit thrown in. It was, however, a very fine collection, generally populated with writing of a high calibre on interesting topics, of the ilk of recovering from disasters – earthquakes, floods, fire, incestuous communities, shipwrecks. What *was* missing from the thematic palette was anything related to everyday needs for survivalism – what of peak oil, global energy crises, etc.? A very sound publication, regardless, and I will not be averse to reading others of GR’s offerings. Recommended.

PS When in doubt, read the effing subtitle: “Surviving: Random acts of nature and man [sic]”. Presumably our sustained and willful ecocide cannot be considered “random”.

Where it came from: Bookshop
Time and manner of reading:
Trainy, waity, book-end dentally reads
Where it went: Surreptitiously left on train seat, Bondi Junction to Waterfall
Reminds me of/that:
Who I’d recommend it to: Readers after some slow journalism on a disaster them
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