Review: Markus Zusak’s “The Book Thief”

by writereaderly

markus zusak the book thiefMore interesting than the fact that this was on First Tuesday Bookclub’s Top Ten Australian books was the fact that three respected reading conspirators of mine thought this was no great shakes. A couple of hundred pages in, and I can only concur. The Book Thief has death as a narrator (a device Terry Pratchett uses with much more entertaining effect), a chatty, po-mo tone, a girl book thief, and the wonders of Nazi Germany to play with, ie bad things are bound to happen to good people. Eminently readable and eminently shallow; I know this was originally YA that went viral in the adult publishing world, but if this is the standard of fiction and perception which “addresses” WWII, I think we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. I shan’t even bother to continue. And to give MM her due, her review goes something like: “Two shallow gimmicks [death and thief] to prop up a book which casts no light whatsoever on the Holocaust”.

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A few uninspired bed reads
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