Review: Hajo Düchting’s “Delaunay: Robert and Sonia Delaunay: The Triumph of Colour”

by writereaderly

hajo duchting delaunayThis book was a gift to myself for surviving a dense period of living. I’d been an admirer of Sonia Delaunay’s artwork since I first came across her simultaneous books (collaborative poetry and painting) and “dress-poems” (poetry stitched into dresses/skirts so it reads differently as you move), oh, 15 years ago now, and I was quite delighted to finally see one of her costume designs when the Ballets Russes exhibition came to the National Gallery in Canberra a couple of years back. So I bought this book for Sonia’s art, and was predictably annoyed to find how much it focussed on her hubbie. However, I was pleased to learn about the evolution of her art in its many, many forms – paintings, murals, interior design, fabrics, ceramics, cars, costumes, stage sets – and I enjoyed being art-taught about the significance of “pure painting” and “simultaneity”, the principles espoused and developed by the couple. A beautiful book, well up to Taschen’s normal standard for art publishing; very glad I have it on my shelf.

Where it came from: Gift, from second-hand bookshop
Time and manner of reading:
A fortnight of intermittent bed-reads
Where it went: Keeper Shelf
Reminds me of/that: Oh, the delight of colour (and let’s not even go into women in art history)
Who I’d recommend it to:
Colour & art lovers
Also reading: Rabbit #4; How to Read a Poem by Edward Hirsch; The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon; Being Alive edited by Neil Astley