Review: S.E. Hinton’s “Hawkes Harbor”

by writereaderly

s.e.hinton hawkes harborI’d read and loved The Outsider when I was an adolescent, so I grabbed this one after it kept appearing in opshop scans. My reading monologue went something like this: “Awesome! An S.E. Hinton, first in 15 years. Is she really a dyke? There’s something about her writing that makes me think she’s a dyke. Anyway… late-60s, Jamie, orphan boy, gone crazy at 25 from a life of smuggling and seamanship and sorrow … he’s escaped from sharks … given away rubies to other thieves … ok, not evil … asylum scenes aren’t bad … he “had to” kill an Algerian guy in prison because he was afraid of rape?! … okaaaaay, maybe not a dyke [internet fact-check says no] … and there’s this scary rich character who’s suddenly called “It”, oh, and the scary character is sucking his blood and climbing walls, straight out of Stoker’s Dracula … right … ok … vampires in 1960s Delaware … comes in as a bat to talk to him in the asylum, sigh … and in a flashback, Jamie’s love Katie is about to be possessed by the vampire’s beloved second wife’s ghost, and begs Jamie to make love to her so she can live truly before she dies … right, that’s well enough, this is bloody ridiculous”. Abandoned.

Where it came from: Opshop
Time and manner of reading:
An increasingly eye-browed armchair and bed read
Where it went: Back to where it came from
Reminds me of/that: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear
Who I’d recommend it to:
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