Review: Isobelle Carmody’s “The Stone Key (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, Book 5)”

by writereaderly

isobelle carmody the stone keyThe Obernewtyn series continues. I have underestimated this author and this series: Carmody really hit her stride with No.5. In the full thousand pages there was not a superfluous word, the plotting was complicated but tightly controlled, characters were given nuances and emotions sorely lacking in the previous four books, and I was most impressed overall. I realised that I’d been reading Obernewtyn so fast and so glibly (“it’s just a YA fantasy series”) that I hadn’t been paying attention to the very complex, adult issues Carmody deals with – religious fanatism, torture and its aftermath, sexual violence, civil war, biochemical warfare, information and disinformation… That is, until I had to take a few days off because I was afraid to read the scary things that I knew would be coming to an inspiring young woman who roams the Land (mostly alone) in times of violent conflict. Much deeper and richer than its precursors, I’m looking forward to the final two volumes.

Where it came from: Library
Time and manner of reading:
A few good, hefty, addicted reads
Where it went: Home
Reminds me of/that: Writers need time – and books – to grow into their craft just like everyone else…
Who I’d recommend it to: Just those who’d want a good book
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