Review: Nell Dunn’s “Poor Cow”

by writereaderly

Warning: Cover dysphoria!

Warning: Cover dysphoria!

A random grab off the uni library’s “leisure reading” shelves – Virago is one of my favourite publishing houses – this was a breezy little narrative of a poor-white shazza living in South London in the early ’60s. It has vibrant pub and street snapshots, sweet scenes with baby Jonny, and loads of mouthy women characters who like lots of drink, sex and men (possibly in that order). Not fabulously written, it is as messy and glib as real life ought to be. Recommended.

Where it came from: Library
Time and manner of reading:
Two bed-reads, with quite sharp sociological interest
Where it went:
Reminds me of/that: That Bookclub discussion about which women writers who are good role models for women’s sensual experience – I’d add her to the list
Who I’d recommend it to:
The historically curious
Also reading: Rabbit #4; How to Read a Poem by Edward Hirsch;The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon;Being Alive edited by Neil Astley