Review: Isobelle Carmody’s “Obernewtyn (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, Book 1)”

by writereaderly

isobelle carmody obernewtynI needed a solid, quick read to get me realigned, and here was this one on the Christmas present pile. I’d adored this series as a teenager, and even recommended for someone’s teen girl over dinner last week; I’d been thinking I’d like to finally read it all the way through (since Carmody has *nearly* finished the series in the intervening decades since my adolescence). The plot of this one: Telepathically powered Elspeth is led to her fate at bleak Obernewtyn, a mountain fast peopled by meanies, goodies, and the mysterious but inevitable love interest with haunting eyes. This rereading was pretty satisfying, although the writing was boxier than I remembered and I didn’t love it quite so much (which I guess is as it should be at my Advanced Age). I did, however, keep finding the texture of my thoughts returning to it in the days since the reading, and strongly suspect I’ll be hunting up the next books in the series in the coming weeks. Solid.

Where it came from: Second-hand bookshop
Time and manner of reading: Two generally engrossed reads in one day
Where it went: LDC for Xmas
Reminds me of: That particularly delightful hold of formulaic fantasy
Who I’d recommend it to: Those ready for a multi-book experience…
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