Review: Kornei Chukovsky’s “The Stolen Sun”

by writereaderly

kornei chukovsky the stolen sunA children’s book originally published in the USSR in the ’60s, this one was jointly spotted on a book-shopping expedition and sneakily added to my gift pile in time for Christmas (thanks! xx). It has splendid illustrations of a slightly retarded-looking bear rescuing the sun from the mean old crocodile (in Russia?), and is in entertainingly translated verse: e.g., Mrs Bear, hunting for her three cubs, laments,

“Oh, my Eddy, Teddy and Pronto!
Where, o where have you gone to!” 

Nice, very nice. Gorgeous book, fearsome illustrations, highly recommended.

Where it came from: Christmas gift
Time and manner of reading: Read to me out loud in bed, barely out of its wrapping paper
Where it went:
Children’s book shelf
Reminds me of/that: —
Who I’d recommend it to:
Fellow kids’ book fans lucky enough to find a copy
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