Review: Anna Funder’s “All That I Am”

by writereaderly

A great book. Very elderly Dr Ruth Becker, ageing in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, reflects back on her pre-WWII years, and her resistance work with Dora Fabian, Ernst Toller, Hans Wesseman (her then-husband) and others. A novel based on the real Ruth, Funder again researches thoroughly and writes beautifully, the tale of politics, love and betrayal that has Dora at its heart. May we all cross paths with such women in our lives. A splendid novel, no wonder Funder raked the pool clean of prizes this year: do read it.

Where it came from: AJ’s Bookshelf
Time and manner of reading: Various sound and satisfied reads
Where it went: Home (eventually)
Reminds me of: The loneliness of political persecutees, and their fabulous strength
Who I’d recommend it to: Anyone in need of a damned good book
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