Review: Raymond Chandler’s “The Big Sleep”

by writereaderly

The cover! The edition! So beautiful, how was I to resist? I thought this would be a reread but methinks that’s just plain wrong: I’ve not set foot in this particularly drizzly version of 1939 Los Angeles before, but I’m so glad I did today. Marlowe’s voice is wry, the dialogue is sharp and jargon-filled, the action is quick and entangled and you don’t really care about solving the mystery ’cos you just want to enjoy the voice and the rhythm. Good read, I really enjoyed it.

Where it came from: Opshop
Time and manner of reading: One train-snippet and one Radoxed bath-read
Where it went: Gifted on to AL
Reminds me of: When men were grifters and dames were frails
Who I’d recommend it to: Those with nostalgia for good men who do bad things for random reasons
Also reading: Rabbit #4; How to Read a Poem by Edward Hirsch; Selected Essays by George Orwell; Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks; Picturing Canada by Gail Edwards and Judith Saltman (just the images)