Review: May Sarton’s “The House by the Sea: A Journal”

by writereaderly

May Sarton kept this journal in her mid-60s, soon after her move to a seaside home in York, Maine. Like Llewellyn’s journals, she expatiates on her gardens, friends and writings – and her pets. The différance of this work, however, comes from Sarton’s commentaries on and investigations into ageing and dying well, and into what it takes to cultivate and revel in solitude. I’d read and enjoyed one of her novels before (don’t ask me which one, I don’t remember) and I’m encouraged to read others, possibly also her poetry. I hope copies of her journals are around in about 30 years’ time so I can read them again.

Where it came from: MR’s Bookshelf
Time and manner of reading: Two good armchair-reads in one day
Where it went: Home
Reminds me of: The Kate Llewellyns, of course, but also Jennifer Mills’ The Diamond Anchor
Who I’d recommend it to: Writerly ones, ageing ones, contemplative ones
Also reading: Rabbit #4; How to Read a Poem by Edward Hirsch (rediscovered on shelf with bookmark intact)