Review: James Prosek’s “Eels”

by writereaderly

James P. loves fishing. He likes to write about fishing. He writes like a privileged white American man. He has clearly listened to too many of the naffer episodes of This American Life. He became obsessed by eels. He travelled to Japan and New Zealand and Micronesia and Europe and wildest New York State and got down with the local people who got down with the eels. They, like, shared their stories with him. He felt, like, like a cosmic bond. He stayed obsessed for eleven years and wrote this book. It’s a shame there was so much of James P. in it ‘cos some of the culture was quite interesting. Not especially recommended (sorry, Dr. S!).

Where it came from: SG+SV’s Bookshelf
Time and manner of reading: Various sneaky reads to distract from ginormous book below
Where it went: Home
Reminds me of: Those “biography of a thing” books that were big in the late 1990s, e.g. Colour, Salt, Cod, etc., all three of which I really enjoyed
Who I’d recommend it to: Hmm… Someone willing to wade through the pretention to get to the kulcha
Also reading: Rabbit #5