Review: Elizabeth Smart’s “By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept”

by writereaderly

Writer Elizabeth Smart had a long, dramatic love affair with poet George Barker. This book is her fictional account of their early relationship, written in gorgeous poetic prose: a dissection of the anguish that succeeds the rapture. Beautiful and rich, although I don’t feel it’s stayed with me. Do read it, though.

P.S. And as soon as I say it didn’t stay with me, I keep obsessing over that call of understaying, and lo!: it’s now firmly entrenched in WR’s mind! I did love the chapters when she was blissfully in love, ecstasy so well rendered, and those I will no doubt read again… Happy to skip the gloom and doom, though.

Where it came from: Gift from DC
Time and manner of reading: One too-sleepy bed-read, then an afternoon armchair ingestion
Where it went: MR
Reminds me of: At times, Rumi
Who I’d recommend it to: Readers after a bit of truth and beauty
Also reading: Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace; Eels by James Prosek