Review: Guy Bellamy’s “The Mystery of Men”

by writereaderly

The perfect antithesis to my previous overweighty tome: mid-90s Britain, four middle-class barflies start a joint insurance policy whereby they each pay into a trust, and the survivors share in £100,000 when another dies. Light, wry, ’90s battle-of-the-sexist and rebellious (none of their wives have jobs?!), an entertaining bloke’s own adventure.

Where it came from: MR’s Bookshelf
Time and manner of reading: Four good reads, the most pleasant being the one when I was supposed to be working on an assignment
Where it went: Home
Reminds me of: A man’s version of chick lit (one hesitates to use the rhyming parallel beginning with ‘p’)
Who I’d recommend it to: Those in need of lightness and distraction
Also reading: The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene