Review: Kate Llewellyn’s “The Mountain”

by writereaderly

The third in Llewellyn’s Blue Mountains trilogy – see previous and previouser reviews – and unfortunately I found each journal progressively less gripping. This one is structured as letters to Llewellyn’s daughter Caro, which felt like a slightly hollow device. I really prefer the exuberance and unselfconsciousness of The Waterlily, but I do admire her discipline in writing a daily, literary life journal, and I respect her as a writer pushing herself to new formats and continued creativity. (I read in passing the other day that Llewellyn’s up to her 19th published book, so she must be onto a good thing.) This series make me miss my own former journalling addiction, now sadly faded into traceless memory. Blessed be writereaderly for opening up some sort of writing practice.

Where it came from: KT’s Housesat Bookshelf
Time taken to read: Too many bed-night-bits and a bath to finish it off
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