Review: Jon Stone’s “The Monster at the End of this Book”

by writereaderly

You must have had this book when you were a kid; if not, you should be suing your parents for neglect. I found this copy in some opshop somewhere, and on its return route from a convalescence visit there it was! In the kitchen! At the same time as 9 month old baby M.! Whatever was I to do?! Read it, of course, with a poor but enthusiastic attempt at doing Grover’s voice. This is, of course, the best Golden Book of all time, so much so that when young AA was born, both SJD and I contributed this to her “beloved books only” baby shower. Read it when you find it, preferably out loud to the nearest available audience.

Where it came from: Random opshop
Time taken to read: Five minutes in the kitchen
Where it went to: New baby J.
Reminds me of: Only of itself
Who I’d recommend it to: My goodness, anyone with a pulse!
Also reading: “The Heart of the Matter” by Graham Greene; “The Blind Eye” by Georgia Blain; “Cold Comfort Farm” by Stella Gibbons; “Gertrude” by Hermann Hesse; “Black Swan Green” by David Mitchell; “Trash” by Dorothy Allison; “The Mountain” by Kate Llewellyn